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Keeping the Territory cool for over 50 years!


5kg Tube Ice


5kg bag of 2.22cm diameter x 2.54cm long Tube Ice. Our most popular size sold at service stations and supermarkets.

“The bag with the handle”

12kg Tube Ice


12kg bag of 2.22cm diameter x 2.54cm long Tube Ice, which is the preferred size of the hospitality industry.


Our 12kg bags are popular in hotels.

4kg Block Ice


4kg block ice is often used for camping, fishing and travelling, as it lasts longer


Perfect for keeping all the important things cold, like beer, fish and tucker.

HACCP Accredited


Strict criteria with HACCP accreditation procedures which provides for full testing requirements and documentation for recall and location of product.

Redundancy Features


We understand that Darwin is a remote location, so we have double and triple redundancy features in all critical aspects of our production, storage and delivery system.

Automated Handling

Our automated sophisticated handling system and all stainless steel packaging system forms, fills and seals the bag, therefore there is no human contact to your product.

Flowability & Longevity


Tube Ice has excellent flowability and longevity. To maintain this, our ice is held at -7°C after production and bagging, including transport  – no more sticking together.

Stringent Testing


Our water supply is further sterilized and random sample testing is carried out by an independent laboratory and monthly reports furnished to you, if required. Quality Assured.

Reliable Delivery Service


Our reliable delivery service delivers fresh ice Monday through Saturday, 6 days per week and we have an emergency callout service available 24/7.

Sealed Bag with Handle


Our packaging system seals our 5kg bags to maintain hygiene and makes a handle in each bag for ease of handling for the customer and your staff.

Manufacturing Capacity


Our manufacturing capacity is 70 tonnes per 24 hours and for piece of mind our cold store holds up to five days of production as backup at a constant -7°C.

Environment Aware


All of our packaging is LDPE4 food approved fully recyclable plastic and we’re always looking at ways to advance our approach to sustainable business practice.